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Picnic sites

Banja Luka je poznata po svojim izletištima jer se u okolini urbanog dijela grada nalazi nekoliko fantastičnih mjesta divlje prirode i uređenih terena za posjete i rekreaciju. Nepropustite da svoj boravak u Banjaluci upotpunite obilaskom banjalučkih izletišta.

Banj Hill

The most famous excursion site in Banja Luka rises up at the south side of the city. It is 431-meter of altitude high, revealing beautiful panoramic view on the city. The site is rich with the woods, natural water springs, arranged walk paths and picnic spots. Central place of the site belongs to the memorial monument devoted to the fallen Krajina residents in the Second World War, aconstructed by the famous Yugoslavian sculptor Antun Augustincic. There is inscribed relief with the series of images shows the struggle and suffering of Krajina residents in the Second World, and the monument symbolically reminiscent of shots fired in the direction of Krajina.


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Delibašino selo is a place where you can track the beginning of the industry in Banja Luka, which is related to the arrival of Trappists in this area 1869. As a special order of Catholic priests (which originated from the French monastery La Trappe) they obtained permission from the then Ottoman government to establish a community in this area. Soon they build a real agricultural vocational-industrial complex, developing industry of beer, cheese, pasta, fabric, and they also built a monastery, power station, mill, printing house, brickyard, blacksmith’s work shop, quarry, bakery, and other facilities. The Trappists took a specific vow of silence that referred to the work and prayer.

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Krupa na Vrbasu

Slapovi rijeke KrupeKrupa na Vrbasu is located on M-16 motorway, about 25km south from Banja Luka.  It is situated at the point where the Vrbas River leaves the canyon and enters Krupsko polje, and with its left side the Krupa River flows into. The place with its outstanding natural and cultural values such as waterfalls, mills and sources of the Krupa River, Strikina pećina, Monastery of St. Ilija  (1289), wooden church (XVI century) and the medieval city of Greben (1192), conditioned the development of excursion, religious, sports and recreation, scientific, agricultural and fishing tourism.

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Duboka tourist complex

Duboka tourist complex is located about 10 km north from the centre of Banja Luka, on the road to Bronzani Majdan.  Here you can do sports and recreational activities, such as football, basketball, beach volley, futsal, tennis or go for a long or short walk. There are also barbecue areas with grills as well as with a covered patio for dining and resting. Duboka tourist complex is supplied with electricity and a parking lot. The offer of Duboka tourist complex includes the restaurant with a terrace in the nature and with domestic kitchen with the capacity of 180 seats, a parking lot of 1500m2 with video surveillance, rooms for rent capacity of 15 beds, a conference hall with 200 seats, a camp, bathing place with supporting facilities, toilets, showers, changing rooms and a gazebo.

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Kamp Olimp

The "Olimp Kamp" excursion site is situated on the Vrbas River bank, 8 km south of the centre of Banja Luka, along the Banja Luka-Jajce trunk road. The campsite is divided into two parts. Along the very Vrbas River bank there is an area measuring 1200m2 suitable for camping trailers and tents, surrounded with pines. There is, also, a field kitchen, a covered area with tables and benches, a small playground for children, a beach, and electricity and water connections. The house with a landscaped yard and a parking lot, separated from the camp by the main road, is designed for visitors' accommodation. In the apartment with 4 beds the guests will be able to use a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and living room.

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Čokori Ranch

The Čokori Ranch is situated at about 10 km west of the Banja Luka city centre. The Ranch has an indoor dining room and a covered terrace with a capacity of 50 people each, a children house, a kitchen, restrooms for men and women, cookware and cutlery, refrigerating cabinets for food and beverages, a recreation ground and a playground for children (swings, slide, seesaws etc.). The location is suitable for private parties throughout the year, such as various celebrations, birthday parties, baptism parties, business gatherings and other. In the surroundings of the Čokori Ranch you can visit the Brankovac Monastery, the Equestrian Club, and use numerous forest roads for walking and hiking.

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Ethno Village – Museum "Ljubačke doline"

Etno selo Ljubacke doline

Ethno Village – Museum Ljubačke doline sits on 2 hectares of land in Ljubačevo village, at about 17 kilometres from Banja Luka.
It was established on 28th of June 2010 by Nedeljko Branković. Ljubačke doline (valleys) got their name after the valleys surrounding the Ljubačevo village. Ljubačke doline are a natural phenomenon, unique in all of Europe. They are natural dents in the ground, several hundred meters deep and wide. These valleys spread over the entire Ljubačko polje (field) and, as such, cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

They are even mentioned in some Western European travel guidebooks as a remarkable natural phenomenon and genuine tourist attraction.The Ljubačevo village is itself a plateau located between the Osmača Mountain on the south, the Jasenovo valley on the north, the Javorani village on the east, and Tijesno canyon on the west.
The canyon of the Vrbas River, Tijesno, is one of the largest and most beautiful canyons in Europe. And the best view of the canyon is from the Ljubačevo village.
A cave with very rich ornaments and rare species of bats was discovered in Ljubačevo.

In the village you there is a church built in 1939, there are tombstones from 16th century, the remains of a Turkish inn known as the Čardak, built 18th century, the Glamačko Lake…
Ljubačevo is rich with flora and fauna; it is a genuine ecological oasis for lovers of nature, herbalists, artists, sportsmen, hunters…

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