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The Equestrian Club "Čokorska Polje" was founded in 2009 and is located near Banja Luka, just 10 kilometers from the city center. The club is located in a pleasant natural environment surrounded by rich greenery. There are currently 21 horses in the club (10 club and 11 on board). Within the club there is a coffee club Obilić, designed to provide you with pleasant moments by the fireplace in winter and with a large terrace in summer, which offers a view of the open countryside and the natural landscape. For the youngest visitors there is also a fenced-in playroom to keep the little ones safe during the game.

At the Čokor Fields Equestrian Club you can go horseback riding, ride recreationally, leave your pet in a horse boarding house, rent a horse for photoshooting and painting purposes, or simply relax in nature in the company of these wonderful animals.

Schedule classes:

By phone at least the day before, on 065 841 584 (coach Milivoj Ružević).

Working hours of the club:

Tuesday-Sunday from 8am to 5pm. Monday is a non-working day.

If you have never ridden or are still insecure or perhaps not yet sufficiently independent in riding, you can ride under the supervision of a trainer, and if you are independent and safe, you can also embark on field riding, in the closer or further surroundings of the Čokor Fields.


Equestrian Club "Chokor Fields"
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Tel: + 387 (0) 65 841 584
Email: kk.cokorskapolja@gmail.com
Web: kkcokorskapolja.net

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