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Dajak Ljeto na Vrbasu

Vrbas is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the main Banja Luka watercourse passing through its center. Vrbas boat is called "dayak", a specific boat for the Vrbas river and the city of Banja Luka, as well as the gondola to Venice. The assumption is that the Vrbas boat appeared when the city of Banja Luka. Over the centuries, this unusual vessel has become a symbol of the city, leaving a trace in the culture of Banjaluka's inhabitants. It has been used for commercial purposes, for the transport of goods from one side to another, both upstream or downstream. For cruising the route length of 15 kilometers is used, in the urban area of the city, where the Vrbas is characterized by shallow shores and perfect bottom for pushing a pole, after which the boat was named. Dayak boat is seven meters long and, to make it as easy as possible, is made of the high quality quercus oakdeal and regular rings. The most impressive details are the rudder and tip, which are made of one piece of wood. Tip is characteristic of a boat that is more distinct than the name. It looks like a mythical animal, gives tameness or aggression, artistic vision of master, so that each boat is decorated with different tip. Take advantage of a unique opportunity to introduce the city by the river Vrbas, with experienced Dayak operators (dajakaši).

TRAVEL TOUR – Zeleni most (green bridge) – Prvi mlin (First mill) - Kastel (Kastel fortress) - Zeleni most (green bridge)

Price List
20 KM for one person,
25 KM for two persons,
30 KM for three persons (maximum 3 adults).

If you want to enjoy Vrbas river and experience the unique ride with Banja Luka Dayak, at your disposal are the following contact information:

Save Kovačevića 38
Phone: + 387(0) 65 517 261
             +387(0) 65 566 139
E-mail: dajak.klub@gmail.com
Web: www.dajak.org

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