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The basis for development of adventure tourism product as an integral city of Banja Luka is a specific natural circumstances that enabled the development of adventures on land, air and adventures in the land of adventure. A high level of attractiveness as an adventure tourism product as the town of Banja Luka has favorable natural and built motives for the development and promotion of this form of tourism.
The set of all forms of adventure in a small geographic area represents Banja Luka a great advantage compared to similar destinations avaturističkog tourism in the region. The formation and development of adventure invested a lot of resources from the European Commission, national and local institutions, resulting in infrastructure, which in many respects surpasses other elements of the tourism product. From specially constructed facilities is necessary to highlight the infrastructure that allows night rafting, rafting because the path is lighted curio and the world's long-term development planning as well as adventure tourism products.
Adventure on the water can be divided into partial tourist products and rafting, canoeing and kayaking, and Dayak.
Adventures on land in the form of free climbing, mountain biking, hiking and driving kvadovima.
Air adventure and can be presented in the form of paragliding and tandem jumps.

Adrenaline water skiing

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Adrenaline water skiing is a unique form of adventure offer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is part of the Tourist and Recreation Center Manjača and Lake Šljivna. The length of the Wake Park line is 282 m, which makes it the longest line of this type in Europe.

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