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Brewery in Banja Luka was founded in 1873. The founders of the brewery were German Trappist monks from the monastery of St. Mary Star, which is located near the brewery, and it is well-known fact that the Germans have always been quite familiar with brewing technology. At the same time Trappists founded the hospital in which brandy addicts were treated by beer. Kura was four liters of beer a day. After the World War II the brewery was nationalized and transferred to state ownership. In late 2004 investments in the modernization and expansion of production facilities were completed, which made Banja Luka Brewery from a small brewery, which was initially used only for purposes of the monastery, grew into a large modern brewery with a production capacity sufficient to supply the entire market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, in Banja Luka brewery, Nektar beer is produced by the original recipe with the latest technology. Drinking Nectar beer with 5% alcohol and 11.4% of the extract, You will taste the harshness and bitterness, but also a pleasant sweetness. It is well combined with the banjalučki ćevapi or Trappist cheese.

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