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Fresh waveTime of event: 10 -12th August
Duration: 3 days
Location: Fortress Kastel
Type: electronic  music
Contact: Nektar FreshWave Festival


 Nektar FreshWave Festival is held every year in the month of August at the Banja Luka fortress Kastel. What makes this festival specific from other festival is its stetting as the one of the oldest castles in BiH. The world's largest DJ names make a FreshWave Festival unique and memorable experience! Artists performs on three stages: the Main Stage, which is reserved for the biggest stars of the festival; Energy Stage, which will bring together the biggest stars of the regional electronic underground scene and Massive Stage which will host hip-hop and drum & bass performers. Banja Luka festival, Nectar Fresh Wave was named the best electronic festival in the region at the award ceremony “Ambassador” in Zagreb. For five years of existence, the team behind this musical event, proved that the Fresh Wave is not only the biggest festival of this kind, but it is certainly the best. He was in competition with some of the the biggest festivals in the region and won.

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