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The Vrbas River is the right tributary of the Sava river, the average flow at the mouth of the Vrbas River is 114 m/s. The Vrbas river rises at the foot of the mountain Zec, ST 235 km, with the flow of 1715 meters of the sea level. The main left tributaries are Pliva, Crna Rijeka and Krupa, and the main right tributaries are: Bistrica, Ugar, Švrakava, Vrbanja, Turjanica and Povelic. Vrbas carved composite valley. It flows through Skopljanska basin, Vinačka gorge, Jajačka basin, valley canyon Tijesno, Banjalučka basin, and the lower flow through its makroplavine Lijevče polje. The basin has elongated shape, it is long about 150 km and has the average width70 km. The average altitude is about 690 meters above the sea level, the highest point in the basin is about 2,100 meters above the sea level.

The largest city on Vrbas is Banja Luka, it is the capital and political, economic and cultural centre of the Republic of Srpske. Vrbas is the main watercourse in Banja Luka, which divides the town into two parts and for the citizens of Banja Luka is something more than just a river. Some neighbourhoods still keep their "view of the river" rule which is used during the construction on the banks of Vrbas. In the area of the city the following tributaries flow into Vrbas: Vrbanja, Suturlija, Crkvena, Švrakava, Rekavice and others. Flowing from the south to the north, Vrbas leaves the canyon and mountain flow and starts its valley flow.

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