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Trekking and mountain biking

Trekking and mountain biking


The area is perfect for trekking and mountain biking covers the southwestern part of the city of Banja Luka, ie. northern part of the Dinaric system, which covers an urban area of the city of Banja Luka descending to the plains of Lijevče fields, or the Pannonian Plain to the north, and the Kozara mountain northwest. Slight grounds, preserved nature and cultural and natural tourist attractions provide excellent conditions for the easy and medium difficult hiking and exploring the natural and cultural features of the area. There are several trekking trails and mountain biking trails offered that can be combined with other adventure activities. Routes vary in length and degree of difficulty - from easy, 10 km long, and up to demanding ones, up to 80 km.

Bike routes in offer:

1. Banja Luka - Slatina- Banja Luka (40 km , altitude 540m)

2. Banja Luka- Krupa na Vrbasu - Banja Luka (75 km, altitude 1150m)

3. Banja Luka -Piskavica-Niševići-Omarska-kozarac-Mrakovica (55km)

Bike routes:

Association Sedra Banja Luka
Krupa bb
Phone: +387 (0) 65 561 344
Web: Facebook


Rent a bike:

Soković Sport
Gundulićeva 80
051 312-999
Working hours:
Monday- Saturday 09-20h
Sunday: ne radi
1h-5 KM
1 day - 20 KM

Jošo bicikli
Dr. Mladena Stojanovića 53
051 313-313
Monday-Friday: 8-20h
Saturday: 8-16h
Sunday: /

Shimano Shop
Krajiskih Brigada 48
051 307- 478
1 day - 20KM