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 Equestrian Club "Čokorska polja" is about 10 km west of downtown. If you've never ridden or are still unsure or perhaps insufficiently independent in riding, you can ride under the supervision of a coach, and if you are confident and independent, you can be set off the trail, at the near and distant surroundings of Čokorska polja. The club organizes a riding classes for 20 KM (10 EUR) per hour. There are 6 tracks for trail riding in length from 10 to 15 kilometers at your disposal. Equestrian Club "Čokorska polja" has 10 horses.

More information about the Equestrian club "Čokorska fields" on the following link.


Equestrian Club "Paddock"
is located in Barlovci, 12 km northwest of the city of Banja Luka, in a private estate area of 6,000 m2. The club is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of equestrian sport, humane treatment of animals, harmony with nature and the environment. The club is located in a barn with 9 stalls, saddlery, locker rooms with shower and toilet and a sand manege (enclosure for coaching and training riders), as well as club fans. In addition to riding skills as a noble, you can learn how to take proper care of the horses and to understand them in the club, For more experienced riders we offer recreational and off-road riding on the gentle slopes of surrounding areas of the Kozara mountain.

More information about the Equestrian club "Paddock" on the following link.

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