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šipovo                        Šipovo
is located about 85 km south from Banjaluka and it is a paradise for fishermens and nature lovers. Šipovo municipality is set on southeastern part of Republic of Srpska. It is mountains area, crossed with rivers Janj and Pliva, Sokočnica, Lubovica and Volarica.

The lowest point of altitude is 440 meters (delta of Janj into Pliva), and the highest point is the top of Vitorog mountain (1905 meters above see level). Šipovo belongs to mediumeuropan time zone and moderate continental climate. Area of Šipovo is heterogeneous space, according to its geological, geotechnical, and hydrological characteristics.

The closest towns are Jajce and Mrkonjić Grad, which are, about 20 kilometers away. Sources of Pliva with its water mills situated 7 km from Šipovo and waterfalls on the river Janja, represents a kind of natural attraction. Besides the ancient archaeological sites, over canyon Sokočnice there is one of the most important and strongest fortified cities of medieval Bosnia, first time mentioned at 1363-rd.